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Land Rover Maintenance

Land Rover Cooling System Awareness

By Land Rover Maintenance

The Land Rover cooling system is such an important part of these legendary vehicles.

But all too often we see them in a state of neglect.  A poorly maintained cooling system can seriously damage your engine & will let you down, usually at the most inconvenient time………

British 4WD Specialists Nelson New Zealand Land Rover Cooling System

Here are a few simple things that owners can do to help keep their Land Rover cooling systems in tip top condition.

  1. Regular level checks. When topping up don’t just use water.  Land Rovers like a 50% concentrated coolant to water mix.  Coolant in older models should be changed every 5 years or so.
  2. Check your hoses for leaks, bulges, splits & chaffing.  Also give them a gentle squeeze, hoses should feel nice & supple. Crunchy hoses or hoses that have soft points need replacing.
  3. A lot of the V8 models have the fan attached to the water pump pulley.  Give the fan the occasional rock back & forth to spot any excessive movement in the fan coupling or water pump.
  4. Belts can sometimes be hard to see, but check for cracks where possible.
  5. If you don’t know your vehicle’s history or have concerns on overheating, it’s a good idea to remove the radiator & have it professionally cleaned, we do this whenever we sell a vehicle. Usually changing all the hoses & always flushing & replenishing the system with fresh coolant at the same time.

At British 4WD Specialists we keep a good selection of quality Land Rover cooling system essentials such as cooling hoses, water pumps, thermostats & radiator caps.

We’re also on hand to carry out all the maintenance & repairs necessary.  So if you find yourself loosing coolant contact us to nip it in the bud before disaster strikes!


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