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Land Rover Cambelt Help

By Land Rover Essentials

 Land Rover Cambelt.  Do I Have One?


Is a question I’m asked on a regular basis.  As well as when do I need to change it?  So I thought I’d start making a list of all the models,  how the cams are driven & when the belts need changing.  Mileages quoted are for non-arduous use.  When time is quoted it’s a case of whichever occurs earlier.



200 tdi Approx 1990-1994  Belt driven 120,000 KM or every 6 years.

300 tdi  Approx 1995-1999  Belt driven 120,000 KM or every 6 years.

TD5  Approx 1999-2006  Chain driven.

Puma/TDCi 2.4 & 2.2.  2007 onward.  Chain driven.



Disco 1   1989-1998

200 & 300 TDI same as Defender above.

3.5 & 3.9 V8 Chain driven.

Disco 2- 1999-2004 Both petrol & diesel options are chain driven.

Disco 3 – 2005-2008  2.7 TDV6 diesel.  Belt driven (front & rear cambelts) change 168,000 KM or every 7 years.  Petrol models chain driven.

Disco 4 – 2009-2017

2.7 TDV6 Belt driven (front & rear cambelts) change 168,000 KM 0r every 7 years.

3.0 TDV6 or SDV6 Belt driven (front & rear cambelts) change 180,000 KM or every 7 years.

Petrol models are chain driven.


Range Rover

Classic 1970-1995  Only 200 & 300 tdi models have cambelts, treat as Defender & Discovery.

P38 or Range Rover 2  1995-2002  Both petrol & diesel engine options are chain driven.

L322 or Range Rover 3 2002-2012  All engines are chain driven.

L405 or Range Rover 4 2013 onward only the 3.0 V6 diesel is belt driven.


Range Rover Sport 2005-2013

2.7 & 3.0 TDV6 & SDV6 Diesel models are belt driven, treat as Discovery 3 & 4.  Petrol models are chain driven as is the 3.6 TDV8 diesel.


Range Rover Sport 2013 onward 

3.0 V6 Diesel is belt driven.

All other engines are chain driven.


Range Rover Evoque 2011 onward

2.0 petrol & diesel models are chain driven.

2.2 diesel Belt driven change at 240,000 KM or every 9 years.


Freelander 1 1997-2005

1.8 k-series petrol belt driven change every 120,000 KM.

2.0 l-series diesel (1997-2000) belt driven change every 80,000 KM (front & rear belts on these).

2.5 KV6 petrol (2001-2005) has 3 cambelts (one front, two rear) change every 120,000 KM.

2.0 TD4 Diesel (2001-2005) is chain driven.


Freelander 2 2006-2014

2.0 Ecoboost petrol chain driven.

2.2 TD4 Diesel belt driven change every 240,000 KM or every 9 years.

3.2 i6 petrol is chain driven.


Discovery Sport 2015 onward

2.2 diesel is belt driven.

Ingenium engines are chain driven.


As a rule of thumb timing chains are supposed to last “the life of the engine”.

The only chain system I’ve seen seriously fail is the 4.4 Range Rover BMW V8 fitted from 2002-2005.  It is known to break it’s chain guides & send horrible metal swarf all through the engine, requiring a full strip & rebuild.  So if you have a high mileage one of these & plan to hold onto it, give us a call to make a plan.

As far as Land Rover cambelt & replacement are concerned, British 4WD Specialists stock a good range, have all the tools & are regularly carrying out this work for our customers.

One further note on Land Rover cambelt replacement is the matter of Discovery 3/Range Rover Sport 2.7 TDV6 oil pump failure. There have been cases where the pump body has cracked after a belt change causing the tensioner to break off & the engine to lose timing (pistons hit valves etc etc).  Due to the tensioner being mounted on the body of the pump, the new belt (being tighter) amplifies any weakness that already existed.

Land Rover have brought out a modified (stronger) oil pump casting & we always recommend to our customers that this is changed at the same time.  It may cost a bit more, but nothing like the cost of destroying one of these engines.


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